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Other Suspects

Pando Network

A decentralized VCS implementation and Git integration based on IPFS & AragonOS. https://github.com/pandonetwork

Team: Olivier S, Nolwenn J, Cem F, Daniel S, Alex R, Thibault B, +

Publishing DAO

An autonomous publishing house funded and run by a DAO.

Team: Cem F, Daniel S, Alex R

P2P-review Journal DAO

A peer review journal published and run by a DAO

Team Daniel S


  • New Commons

  • DAO publisher

  • User-centric DAO interfacing

  • DAO defense protocol

  • OPV / fluid mechanics

  • simCAD**

  • DAO Ontology: Fuzzy Logic

  • The Sphere w ECSA

  • Bankrupcy DAO

  • stock photography dao